2013-14 Player Registration Nights

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Used Uniform and Equipment Donations

2013-14 Uniforms

ClassicsWear for Sale

Registration nights are held at Enck’s Catering located in front of Classics Soccer Park.

1461 Lancaster Road (PA Route 72)
Manheim, PA 17545

Please do not wear cleats inside of the building.



Wednesday, May 22

U9 Boys 04 - Coach Mike Henning
U10 Boys Academy 03 - Coach Steve Klein
U9 Boys Academy 04 - Coach Nick Hostetter
U12 Girls Academy 01 - Coach Aleks Radovic

U14 Girls Academy 99 - Coach Mike Henning
U9 Girls Academy 04 - Coach Amber Miller
U13 Boys Elite 00 - Coach Todd Wawrousek
U10 Girls Academy 03 - Coach Nick Hostetter
U9 Boys  Premier 04 - Coach Makenzie Arment
U10 Boys Premier 03 - Coach Aleks Radovic

U13 Boys Academy 00 - Coach Bob Lilley
U12 Boys Academy 01 - Coach Todd Wawrousek
U11 Boys Academy 02 - Coach Nick Hostetter
U12 Boys Premier Green 01 - Coach Will Whitty

Wednesday May 29th

U11 Girls  Premier 02 - Coach Chris Colletti
U12 Boys Premier Blue 01 - Coach  Larry Julius
U14 Boys Premier Blue 99 - Coach Aleks Radovic
U14 Girls Premier 99 - Coach Jack Kremer
U13 Girls Premier 00 - Coach Doug Harris

U12 Girls Premier Blue 01 - Coach Chris Colletti
U11 Girls Academy 02 - Coach Larry Julius
U14 Boys Elite 99 - Coach Chris Wilson
U13 Boys Premier 00 - Coach Aleks Radovic
U14 Boys West 99 - Coach Carlos Mendoza

U13 Girls Academy 00 - Coach Chris Colletti
U12 Girls Premier Green 01 - Coach Larry Julius
U14 Boys Academy 99 - Coach Mark Pulisic
U11 Boys Premier 02 - Coach Chris Wilson
U14 Boys Premier Green 99 - Coach Will Whitty

Tues, June 4

U15 Boys Premier 98 - Coach Jack Kremer
U15 Boys Elite 98 - Coach Chris Wilson
U16 Girls Academy 97 - Coach Bob Lilley
U16 Boys Elite 97 - Coach Chris Colletti
U16 Boys Academy 97 - Coach Steve Klein
U18 Boys Academy 95 - Coach Steve Klein

U17 Boys Premier Green 96 - Coach Jack Kremer
U17 Girls Premier 96 - Coach Joe Longenecker
U15 Girls Academy 98 - Coach Mike Henning
U17 Girls Academy 96 - Coach Larry Julius
U15 Boys Academy 98 - Coach Bob Lilley
U17 Boys West 96 - Coach Carlos Mendoza

U18 Boys Premier 95 - Coach Joe Longenecker
U18 Boys Elite 95 - Coach Mike Henning
U18 Girls Academy 95 - Coach Mark Pulisic
U17 Boys Premier Blue 96 - Coach Bill Esterly
U17 Boys Elite 96 - Coach Todd Wawrousek


Paperwork necessary to register a player for 2013-14 is listed on the Player Registration Checklist below. Please read over carefully and turn all completed paperwork in to your team’s head coach on or before your team’s registration night. Please make sure that all paperwork is signed where necessary. A delay in turning in your player’s paperwork may result in not have a player pass in time for any August tournaments.

Player Registration Checklist (IMPORTANT)



- buyout is $40.
- buy 30 large bars of Hershey candy for $60. You can then sell for $2 a bar to make the $60 back.


Bring your used cleats, uniforms, balls and other soccer equpment to registration night. One of our sponsors has developed a program, Kleats for Kids, with the purpose of collecting and distributing used cleats. Other donated used soccer equipment will be distributed to other various organizations. There will be boxes placed out at registration night to collect both cleats for Kleats for Kids and anything else you may have laying around that someone else may be able to use.  Thanks for your generosity!

Click here for more information about the Kleats for Kids program.

2013-14 UNIFORMS

Angelos Soccer Corner representatives will be available with uniform samples at registration night for players to try on. There are new uniforms styles this year and all players will need to order a new uniform. No ordering will be done that night. Ordering will be done online at a later date.


ClassicsWear will be available for sale at all registration nights. Cash or check only please. We have hats, tshirts, sweatshirts, jackets, magnets, fleece hats and earwraps available.