Coach Bryan Hoy & The Livestrong Challenge

Bryan Hoy Rides for LIVESTRONG and His Mom


Bryan Hoy Rides for LIVESTRONG and His Mom

Dear PA Classics Families and Friends;

Once again I am participating in the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Philadelphia on August 23rd to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I will be riding the 100-mile bike course in honor of many family members, including my Mother, who has been affected by cancer.

Lance Armstrong’s victories in the 1999-2005 Tours de France are awe-inspiring and this year he’s jumping back in the saddle to spread the mission of the LAF and to let the world know that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. The battle against cancer has just begun - not just for him, but for all cancer survivors and anyone who has ever thought that cancer can’t affect them – and we must unite together to take the global issue of cancer head on. This year, it is estimated that 12 million people worldwide will be diagnosed with cancer, that 1.3 million of those will be Americans, and that more than 560,000 Americans will die due to this disease. Throughout the world, numbers suggest that as many as 8 million people will die after their cancer diagnosis. It does not have to be a death sentence.

Although there is no cure, progress has been made and it is vital that we continue to work, to fight, toward beating this disease. It is time that we make a commitment to close the gap between what we know and what we do. My goal is not just to participate in the LIVESTRONG Challenge, but to raise $3,000 to help further the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s mission of inspiring and empowering people affected by cancer. To reach this goal, I need your help.

If you have been affected by cancer, or you care about this cause, please consider donating toward my fundraising goal. You can donate online at ( You may also make a contribution via check. Please visit my site and print a copy of the Offline Donation Form (a link to the form is located below) and mail your check and donation form to the address on the form.

Thank you in advance for your support. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Thanks very much and Livestrong!!
Bryan Hoy

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