PA Classics Crossbar Challenge

Wow! We are proud to announce that as a club, we raised $12,529 for the Manheim Central Food Pantry and the Water Street Mission. This total has exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to doing it again next year.  Thanks to everyone who participated and donated. Congratulations to our Crossbar Challenge Winners:


Leyton Meuman

Callen Hummer

Wade Greenawalt

Deklan Fischbach

Aidric Woodall

Nick Lombardo

Isaac Good

Ronaldo Fuentes

Akram Tabbal

Sawyer Keddie

Vinson Peters

Shandon Barnock

Noah Bressler

Domingo Metzler

Ben Luke

Declan Farrell

Josh Voegele

Jonathan Jemale

Andrew Hepler

Srjan Kotta

Brandon Lopez

Aj Minney

Chase Engle

Bennett Wehibe

Logan Rhodes

Nick Elfner

Gavin Andrews

Mick Cook

Josh Candelario

Jackson Hanna

Josh Collins

Alessandra Rivera-Corona

Mailyn Dosh

Maura Wolf

Layne Slutter

Daniela Sanchez

Brynn High

Maddy Tedesco

Aila Crawford

Laila Mathin

Bri Etherson

Ella Greathouse

Nissley Hess

Hope Hollinger

Lola Moul

Addy Thaler

Anneliese Denlinger

Eva Barakos

Maddie Morgan

Danielle Monzon

Annelise Mann

Addy Brubaker

Anna Kaufman


Club Parents and Guardians,


We are excited to introduce the PA Classics Crossbar Challenge, a fundraiser that benefits both the Manheim Central Food Pantry and the Water Street Mission in Lancaster, which will take place throughout the week of May 23rd and the week of May 30th depending on when your coach wants to schedule the event. Each player has the opportunity to collect as many donations as they can to sponsor them in the challenge. Money collected would be turned into the coach prior to the day of the challenge. Pa Classics will send out an official donation sheet that participants can use to collect donations. The rules are as follows:


There is a $5 entry fee per player (boys and girls U9-U19). Players are encouraged to raise as much as they can to support the cause. Each team will designate a time at practice throughout the week of May 23 or the week of May 30th to participate in the challenge. Each coach will set the distance from where the players will hit a stationary ball to try and hit the crossbar. Each player will have 10 tries and the player that hits the crossbar the most will be the winner.


In younger age groups, players will have the option of having the coach roll the ball to the player so that the player has a better chance of hitting the ball in the air. This will be at the discretion of the specific coach as to whether that option is given to players.


Donated by the club and CapelliSports, Crossbar Challenge hoodies will be awarded to the player from each team that wins. However, any players that receive $25 or more in donations will be awarded a Crossbar Challenge t-shirt.



All proceeds go to the Manheim Central Food Pantry, a pantry that serves as a supplemental food program to needy families or individuals residing in the Manheim Central School District, as well as the Water Street Mission, a mission to overcome homelessness through emergency shelters, residential programs, health services, and food banks.


Thanks to the U19 and U17 Girls Academy teams for helping our club create and run this new annual charity event.  More information will be coming shortly from your coach.


Click here for Crossbar Challenge Donation Sheet