PA Classics Night at the Philadelphia Union

Date of Game:  July 20th @ 7:30
Philadelphia Union vs. Chicago Fire (Schweinsteiger)
Seats are located in section 101 and 102 (close to Son's of Ben section)
Cost of tickets $24 per person
This year we do not have access to being on the field; however, we do have the first 11 kids ages (7-11) that sell 10 or more tickets will be entered into a raffle to escort the team on the field for the opening of the game.  SUPER exciting!
Above you will find the link that people can use to purchase tickets.  Last year we sold out When people are purchasing their tickets there will be a place for them to say who they purchased their tickets from so we can monitor the number of tickets a person has sold.  We will have through June 1st to purchase tickets.  Name will be pulled for the raffle on June 2.  If anyone has questions they can send an email to