Team Schedule

Tentative schedule Elite Blue '03 U17s


late Oct/early Nov.   training begins once most players have completed high school playoffs

              *training nights will be Tues/Thurs approx. 7:30-9 most likely at Quad

Nov.??            CPYSL Snowflake League(usually 1 day event, shortened games)

Nov. 15-17         FC Delco Showcase, Philly 

Nov 29-Dec 1    EDP Fall Showcase, Hammonton, NJ

Dec 7-8               PAC Dec Showcase, Lancaster

March 27-29      Jeff Cup, VA

March-May        State Cup

April 10-11         Easter EDP, Hammonton NJ  

May 9-10            PAC Challenger Cup, Lancaster

June 20-21         PAC MAC Cup, Lancaster