2019 Midfielder and Defender Summer Camp

Cost: $110
Boys and Girls ages 8-14 (2011-2004 birth year)
July 22-25, 2019
9:00-11:00 am at Classics Soccer Park
1461 Lancaster Rd (Rt 72), Manheim, PA 17545

This summer camp will benefit those players that want specific, functional training that is position specific. Midfielders will cover both the technical and tactical aspects of their position: from the importance of sharpening the quality in which they pass the ball, to the ability to impact a game with proper decision making, and the ability to recognize the next pass as the ball is moving towards you. Defenders will work on both individual and small group defending. However, we will also cover the importance of joining the attack, and understanding the timing, and when its appropriate. Defending in the box, and set pieces will be touched upon briefly. This camp is open to all players regardless of what club he or she plays with.