2018-19 Age Groups

All players will try out in their birth year age group as one group, regardless of the team they are trying to make. Please note that there will be more than one team at most age groups. All players will be considered for all teams within the given age group.

2018-18 Soccer Season Age Chart

  • U09: Born in 2010 (players born in 2011 may also try out for this age group)
  • U10: Born in 2009
  • U11: Born in 2008
  • U12: Born in 2007*
  • U13: Born in 2006*^
  • U14: Born in 2005*^
  • U15: Born in 2004*^
  • U16: Born in 2003
  • U17: Born in 2002*^
  • U18: Born in 2001
  • U19: Born in 2000*^

* Boys US Soccer Development Academy age group
^ Girls US Soccer Development Academy age group

There are circumstances that could cause your child to play outside the typical team for his or her age group as shown above. If you have any questions about what age group your son or daughter should be trying out for then please contact Director of Coaching, Steve Klein, via email at steve@paclassics.org. During tryouts, if the staff feels that a player should play up an age group due to their performance, they will be given the opportunity to do so. If you have any questions about the tryout process please contact club Director of Coaching Steve Klein via email at steve@paclassics.org.