A New Approach to Tryouts

PA Classics families, I wanted to take the time to announce our approach to tryouts this year.

EPYSA approached ourselves, CASA, Penn FC, Super Nova, Eagle FC and Keystone FC about 2 months ago to discuss the tryout process and how it could be better. Everyone agreed that in the past tryouts have been too early and really have not been done with the best interest of the kids. Too many clubs have tried to strategically place their tryout dates earlier and earlier so that they could get kids to commit before they even have the option of attending anyone elses tryouts.

The problem with tryouts moving earlier and earlier is that kids have barely even started their Spring season and now they are having to make decisions on where they are going to play the following Fall. We all agree that we want the kids to just focus on playing the game as long as they can during the Spring before the stressful period of tryouts.

The good news is that we all decided to not start tryouts until the week of May 4th. Typically clubs need 3-4 weeks to complete the tryout process so we felt that May 4th would be a good time to do it so that most clubs can wrap the process up before Memorial Day Weekend and then this still gives us time to start the registration process before school is over and on to Summer plans.

We are hopeful that other clubs in Lancaster and the Philly area will adopt this new way of looking at tryouts. Ourselves and EPYSA are reaching out to area clubs to hopefully get more clubs on board as we think this is in the best interest of the players and families. However, we are confident that pushing tryouts out of March and April and into May does make the most sense, so we will adopt this policy whether or not other clubs feel the same way. Hopefully, you all feel the same way.

The clubs did discuss that rising U9s could be done a little earlier since those kids aren’t on existing teams and are not typically playing on travel teams at that age. So rising U9s may be done at the end of April just to get them completed before the U10s and older start on or after May 4th.

Steve Klein
Director of Coaching